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Deathaft 1558
1Robert CAMPE
Birthaft 1508
Deathaft 1558, Nazeing, Essex Co., England Age: 50
FatherHenry CAMPE (~1475->1539)
ChildrenYounger John (~1548-1592)
OLDER John (~1538-1587)
Nicholas (~1530-1598)
Richard (~1535-1609)
Notes for Robert (Spouse 1)
1558 - Campe, Robert, Nazeing Page from Wills @ Chelmsford by Emminson - Vol 1

Robert Campe, Nazeing, Essex D/AC[E]RS/49
Date of signing 9th August 1558
Executors: Thomas Campe, brother

Copy of Probate Will

In the Name of God Amen the 9th daye of August in the yere
Of our Lord God 1558 I Robert Campe of Nasying make this
My last will and testament thus
First I bequeathe my soul to Allmighte God thus and my bodye
To be buryed thus
Item I give to the churche of Nasyng 20d
Item I give to John my eldest son and to his heirs
Of his bodye lawfully begotten my tentement called Traytten
With the croftes next adjonnying contaynyng seven
Acres more or less two acres in northfield hill two acres in
Hyde one of them lying next to Andrew Gyff house and the other
Called the Potye ? acar ? in Hide and one acre lying nere the
Land of Thomas Campe Accordyng to a surrender delyved to
Thomas Campe
Item I give to John Campe my youngest sone and to his
Heirs of his body lawfullye begotten my tentement called
Mianghtes?? With there crofts orchard and gardyne
Platt called morganes contaynyng 4 acres
Thr ? acres in Rodyng pyghtem a parcel of
Land lyinge northefeld bottom contaynyng 2 acres
Two acres lyinge in hide whereof two half acres lye
A buttynge upper the ______ _____ called _______
And the others acre called Black Acre two acres lying
In nasyng meade at cowleat ? Igther ? beying five
Rodes upon half my ? acre of meade abuttynge to
The landes of Garner ? ? of Broxborne myll on the
One side accordynge to a surrender delyer to Thomas Campe
Item I give to John my oldest son and to his
Heirs of his bodye lawfully begotten 4 leases in Nasyng marshe
Item I give to John my youngest son and to his
Heres of his bodye lawfully begotten 8 leases in nasyng
Marsh and if any of my said 2 sons dye without the
Heres of there bodyes lawfully begotten then my will is
That he that survyeth shall inherit his part of
All my lands and leases being descassed?
Item I give to Jeane Lynnet yf John my sone
Come not from the warres two bullocks of two yeres of age
Item I give to Agnes my mayde servant a lambe to
Be delyved by myne Executor and yf any of Lynnetts children
Happen to be unpaide at the tyme of my deathe then my
Will is that the executor shall sell so myche of my cattell
As will discharge the sum
Item my woll is that all the resydewe of my goods
Moveable and unmoveable any debtes paid and my funeralle
Discharged be equally devyded between my two sones and that
John my youngest sone shall se my wyf well and honestlye kept
During her naturall life and John my older sonne to paye
Yorye 6s 8d to his younger brother twards her keapyng
That is to saye 20d each eny quarter and I ordeyne and
Make Thomas Campe my brother my executor to whome I give
For his paynes 10s

Thomas Saivier? John Banester John Camp
Bundall? And others
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