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NameNancy CAMP
Birth12 Nov 1821, Douglas Co., GA
FatherThomas CAMP (1800-1857)
MotherLettie LINDLEY (1803-1872)
Notes for Nancy CAMP
The National Society of the Daughters of the American RevolutionVolume 98 page 80 Miss Neva Riley Selman. DAR ID Number: 97237Born in Douglas County, Ga. Descendant of Thomas Camp, BenjaminCamp, James Selman, Jeremiah Selman, and Capt. William Scott,as follows: 1. James Wilson Selman (1843-1908) m. 1867 LucindaCatherine Riley (1850- 1908). 2. William C. Selman (1811-91) m.1836 Nancy Camp (1821-79); James Riley (1811-61) m. 1834Lucinda Willingham (1812-99). 3. Thomas Camp (1800-57) m.Lettie Lindley (1803-72); James Selman m. 2nd 1804 ElizabethCovington; Charles Hardeman Willingham m. 1805 Annie Scott(1785-1850). 4. Joseph Camp (b. 1777) m. Elizabeth (Camp)(cousins); Jeremiah Selman m. - -; 5. Benjamin Camp m.Elizabeth Dykes (parents of Joseph); William Scott m. 1784 JaneThomas; Thomas Camp, Jr. m. Susie Wagner (parents of Elizabeth).6. Thomas Camp m. 1st Winnifred Starling. Thomas Camp (1717-98)was a patriot of the Revolution. He was born in Virginia,removed to Ireland Ford, N. C., before the Revolution, and isburied in the burying ground of the homestead. He had five sonsat the battle of Kings Mountain. Benjamin Camp served as aprivate in Capt. Nathaniel Welch's company, 2nd Virginiaregiment. He was born, 1757, in Virginia; died in NorthCarolina. James Selman (1761-1847), when acting as scout, 1781,was captured by the Tories and Indians, who scalped him andleft him for dead. He was born and died in Spartanburg, S. C.Also No. 32807. Jeremiah Selman served as militiaman in ColonelRoebuck's South Carolina regiment. He died, about 1817, inSpartanburg, S. C. William Scott (1754-1806) commanded acompany in the 3d Georgia battalion, under Lieut.-Col. JohnMcIntosh, 1779. He was born in Louisa Parish, Va.; died inMonroe County, Ga. The National Society of the Daughters ofthe American Revolution Volume 162 page 43 Mrs. LettieAbercrombie Harding. DAR ID Number: 161140 Born in DouglasCounty, Ga. Wife of Samuel Coleman Harding. Descendant ofThomas Camp and of Benjamin Camp, as follows: 1. Thomas S.Abercrombie (1849-1919) m. 1869 Martha V. Camp (1847-1900). 2.Thomas Camp (1800-57) m. 1820 Letitia Lindley (b. 1803). 3.Joseph Camp (1777-1850) m. 1799 Elizabeth Camp (b. 1781). 4.Thomas Camp (b. 1765) m. 1780 Susan Wagoner; Benjamin Camp m.1776 Elizabeth Dykes (parents of Joseph). 5. John Camp(1743-1813) m. 1764 Mary Tarpley (b. 1746). 6. Thomas Camp m.1st 1739 Winifred Starling (d. 1761). Thomas Camp (1717-98) wasa patriot of the Revolution. He had five sons at the Battle ofKings Mountain. He was born in Culpeper County, Va.; died inIreland Ford, N. C. Also No. 158267. Benjamin Camp (1757-1832)served as private in the North Carolina troops at the Battle ofKings Mountain. He was born in Halifax County, Va.; died inWalton, Ga. Also No. 151645.
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