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NameMehitabel SMITH
Birth25 Mar 1655, Milford, New Haven Co., CT
Death1686 Age: 30
FatherJohn SMITH
MotherGrace HAWLEY
1Edward CAMP 2nd
Birth8 Jul 1650, New Haven, CT
Death29 Mar 1720, Milford, New Haven Co., CT Age: 69
FatherEdward CAMP (1617-1659)
MotherMary CANFIELD (1625-1679)
Marriage15 Jan 1672, Milford, New Haven Co., CT
ChildrenJohn (1685-1767)
Samuel (1677-1771)
Abigal (1687-1769)
Sarah (1688-1768)
Edward (1676-1721)
Notes for Edward (Spouse 1)
Edward Campe, Jr. was born 8 Jul 1650 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT Moved to Milford in 1666. About 9 acres of land were granted to Edward Camp in the "Wolfe Harbour" which he exchanged in 1698 with Joseph Wheeler for another tract. Taken from Milford Land record I:143, II:93, 110.He was often known as Edward Camp of Milford to separate him from his father who lived in New Haven. "Camp, Edward married by Major Treat 15 Jan 1673 to Smith, Mahitabell dau. of John Sr." from Milford Vital Records The following is taken from"Camp, Jones and Related Families" by Nell Jones Carter, 1977:"In 1702, Edward Camp was one of three chosen to try a case between John Sloss and Joseph Kirby of New Haven, and he appears as one of the petitioners before the General Court in 1709 in a case against John Read and others. At a later period, he was one of the prominent men of Milford, representing that town in the General Court in May 1712. He was then called "Sergeant Edward Camp". He also bore this title in 1705 when he was chosen with Captain Samuel Eells to represent the Proprietors of New Milford in a committeee appointed by the General Court for the regulation of said town, and is so called in a the list of proprietors. It is thought that he derived this title form service against the Indians. (Note: Milford Vital Records, VOLE.S., Page 14 says: "Camp, Edward in 1671 destroyed the Indian fort.") His relations with New Milford were not permanent,though he was one of the proprietors and engaged in their behalf in 1709 in the above suit to obtain title to the lands. He never removed there himself and disposed of his lands to his sons." He died on 11 Mar 1721 and his will was probated 17 Mar1721. The following is taken from "Abstract of Will of Edward Camp, 2nd, of Milford" New Haven Probate Records, VOL 5, Page56, 57, 65: Heirs: Wife Elizabeth Sons: Samuel and John Camp Dau. Sarah Boardman Step-Dau Abigaill Gallphin His wife was given use of house and home lot during her life, some animals beside and above what I have by joynture made over to her. Samuel is to receive all that salt meadow lying in Oyster meadow except for two acres reserved for John. Also my right and title to and interest in those tracts or undivided land called Blandery Brook purchases or yt which lyes northward thereof, and those tracts called the Common or undivided landed in Milford perticularly yt which was granted to me in the year1713 or 14. John is to receive the two acres of salt meadow on the west end of my meadow there, one acre being in consideration of ten pounds received of him. Sarah Boardman is to receive one hundred pounds money and Abigaill Galphin is to be given one cow, one year's board and a Crossett lamb. The remainder of the estate bequeathed to my three children, Samuel, John and Sarah,to be equally divided between them. Total value of the estate was 394 pounds, 3 shillings, 4 pence. Executors: Samuel, John and Sarah Camp Witnesses: Richard Baldwin, Jonathan Smith"

1709,) OF CONNECTICUT. 133

Be. it therefore enacted by the Governor, Counci1,and Representatives

Samuel Eells, Esq, Capt. Joseph Treat, Mr. Joseph Peck and Mr. Edward Camp of Milford, presented a petition to this Assembly, praying, that a judgment given against the said petitioners at the court of assistants be holden at Newhaven in October, 1708, upon an action of trespass between the said petitioners, Contra John Read, Richard Blackleach, Daniell Shelton and Agur Tomlinson, of Stratford, may be reversed; and this Assembly having heard the pleas of the parties, have not found cause to reverse the same: Wherefore this Assem-bly do adjudge the said petitioners to pay to the said John Read, .Richard Blackleach, Daniell Shelton and Agur Tomlin-son the sum of forty shillings and eight pence in pay, for their cost of attendance upon the said petition, and that exe

{mass. archives}
New Haven, 22th Oct 1688.
May it please yor Excelency, I heare that Mr. Hudshon our Sheriff hath returned Captin Berd's name for Sheriff of oure County.
Sr I humbly conceive it may be verry inconvenient, because there will be no justis from Milford at oure Sessions.
Mr. Bryan cannot ride to New Haven and Mr. Leet is often sick: and there is one Mr. Campe of Milford, a man of good estate and
many with us doe thinke him a fitt person, but leave it to yor Excellency's discretion. Sir, there was one of youre Excellency's
horses that was lame that was left with me, I waite for youre Excellency's comand whither I shall send him to Boston if any
opertunity presents. I thinke he is cured of his lamnes. Not farther to trouble yor Excellecny but to crave pardon for my
presumption herein and remaineing yor Excellency's humble servant to comand.
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