ABLEPSIA - blindness
AGLUTITION - inability to swallow, frequently found on death certificates
AGUE - recurring fever and chills of of malaria
AGUE-CAKE - a hard tumor or swelling on the left side of the abdomen, lower than the false rib, resulting from enlargement of the spleen or liver, and supposed to be the effect of intermitting fevers
ANCOME - [whitlow] an ulcerous swelling, a boil
APOPLEXY - stroke
BARREL FEVER - sickness produced by immoderate drinking
BILIOUS FEVER - fever caused by liver disorder
BLACK DEATH - typhus
BLACK LUNG - disease from breathing coal dust
BLOODY FLUX - dysentery
BLOODY SWEAT - a sweat accompanied by a discharge of blood
BRIGHT'S DISEASE - inflamation of the kidneys - in its acute form, it is called nephritis
CAMP FEVER - typhus
CATARRH - inflammation of the mucous membrane which caused profuse running of the eyes and nose
CHILBLAIN - an inflammatory swelling of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold
CHIN COUGH - [WHOOPING COUGH] characterized by breathing difficulties, and in its worst stage, convulsions
CONSUMPTION - tuberculosis
CRAMP COLIC - appendicitis
DAY FEVER - a fever of a day's duration or coming on in the daytime; the sweating sickness
DIPHTHERIA - an infectious disease which could be spread by infected milk, characterized by the production of a systemic toxin and the formation of a false membrane on the lining of the mucous membrane of the throat and other respiratory passages, causing difficulty in breathing, high fever, and weakness
DOCK FEVER - yellow fever
DROPSY - an abnormal collection of fluid in the tissues and cavities of the body
DROPSY OF THE BRAIN - encephalitis
DYSENTERY - inflammation of intestinal membrane
DYSPEPSIA - bad digestion usually involving weakness, loss of appetite, and depression
DYSURY - difficulty in discharging urine, accompanied by pain and a sensation of heat
EDEMA - swelling of tissues
ENTERITIS - Inflammation of the intestines, could also take the form of enteric fever (typhoid)
ERYSIPHELAS - [Saint Anthony's Fire] a skin disease caused by strep infection which devastates the blood
FLUX - the drainage or discharge of liquid from a body cavity
GALLOPING CONSUMPTION - pulmonary tuberculosis
GOITER - [struma] a noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid gland, visible as a swelling at the front of the neck, that is often associated with iodine deficiency
GOUT - a disturbance of uric-acid metabolism occurring predominantly in males, characterized by painful inflammation of the joints, especially of the feet and hands
GRAVE'S DISEASE - disorder of the thyroid gland
GREEN SICKNESS - [CHLOROSIS] anemia; a disease of young women giving the complexion a greenish tinge
GROCER'S ITCH - a cutaneous disease caused by mites in sugar and flour
GRIPE / LA GRIPPE - influenza
HEAT SICKNESS - a condition marked especially by cessation of sweating and extremely high body temperature, caused by a loss of salt from the body
HEMATEMESIS - vomiting blood
HEMATURIA - a discharge of bloody urine
HEMIPHLEGY - a palsy or paralysis that affects one side of the body
JAUNDICE - a condition caused by obstruction of bile and characterized by yellowness of the skin, fluids and tissues, and by constipation, loss of appetite, and weakness
LUES VENERA - venereal disease
LUMBAGO - a pain in the loins and small of the back, such as precedes certain fevers
LUNG FEVER - pneumonia
LUNG SICKNESS - tuberculosis
MANIA - insanity
MARASMUS - progressive emaciation, usually due to severe malnutrition or protracted intestinal disorders
MILKSICK - not actually a disease, but a form of poisoning caused by cows ingesting the leaves of the white snakeroot plant and passing along its toxin in their milk
MORSAL - Gangrene
NEPHRITIS - inflammation of the kidneys
NEURALGIA - an affection of one or more nerves causing intermittent but frequent pains
NEURASTHENIA - neurotic condition characaterized by worry, disturbances of digestion and circulation and attributed to emotional conflict and feelings of
PALSY - the loss or defect of the power of voluntary muscular motion in all or part of the body; paralysis
PHRENITIS - formerly infammation of the brain, with acute fever and delirium; infammation of the diaphragm
PLEURISY - inflammation of the membrane that covers the inside of the thorax, accompanied with fever, pain and cough
POX - syphilis
PUERPERAL FEVER - [childbed fever] septic poisoning which sometimes followed the birth of a child
PUTRID FEVER - diptheria
QUINSY / QUINCY - severe attack of tonsilitis which resulted in abscess near the tonsils
RHEUMATISM - a painful disease affecting muscles and joints, chiefly the larger joints
RICKETS - a disease of the skeletal system resulting from a deficiency of calcium or vitamin D in the diet, or from lack of sunlight
SCARLATINA - scarlet fever, commonly referred to as the canker rash
SCARLET FEVER - a disease in which the body is covered with a red rash first appearing on the neck and breast, and accompanied by a sore throat
SCIATICA - rheumatism in the hip
SCOTOMY - dizziness or nausea, with dimness of sight
SCRIVENER'S PALSY - writer's cramp
SCROFULA - a disease, called the King's Evil, characterized by tumors in the glands of the neck; tuberculosis of lymph glands
SCRUMPOX - [impetigo] a pustular disease of the skin
SCURVY - a disease characterized by great dibility, a pale bloated face, and bleeding spongy gums, usually suffered by people living confined or on salted meats without fresh vegetables
SEPTICEMIA - blood poisoning
SHIP'S FEVER - typhus
ST. VITUS DANCE - [Chorea] the dancing madness; an epidemic characterized by contortions, convulsions and dancing
SWEATING SICKNESS - an acute, infectious, rapidly fatal disease epidemic in Egland in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
TYPHUS - an acute infectious fever, characterized by high fever, dizziness, and headache [also Black Death]
ULCERATION - loss of the surface covering, such as of skin or the mucous lining, of the intestine
VENESECTION - the opening of a vein for letting blood; phlebotomy
WHITLOW - an ulcerous swelling, a boil [Also ancome]
WHOOPING COUGH - [PERTUSSIS or CHIN COUGH] a highly contagious disease of the respiratory system, usually affecting children, that is characterized in its advanced stage by spasms of coughing interspersed with deep, noisy inspirations
WINTER FEVER - pneumonia
YELLOW JACKET - yellow fever