email from JAMES CAMP

Tom, my name is James (Jim) Campbell Camp. I recently had my DNA tested and based on my Y Chromosome I have the R1b1c10 haplotype I would be very interested in sharing my DNA information with any of my male cousins since we all trace back to the same father.
Based on my research I believe that we Camps descended from the early settlers 6000 BC of an island north of Scotland called Orkney.
Here is a link to the islands history and website
All of my information is on a website called .
The genotype R1b1c10 is classified as "Orcadian". My Y Chromosome says that I am primarily Orcadian and Norwegian which means that I am from the original Orcadians with a splash of Norwegian Viking blood.
The Viking blood did not show up until around 1000 AD.
Please post my information and help me connect other Campes and Camps.
Thanks in Advance,
James Camp
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